Lisle Corporation
Specialty Tools Since 1903.
Lisle specialty tools, mechanic's creepers, and lubrication & tire products are the preferred line among automotive warehouse distributors and jobbers because Lisle manufactures quality products that are priced right.
With more than 450 products you'll find a professional quality, time-saving tool for the job. We’re always innovating new tools that make stubborn jobs easier and quicker.
The Jeepers Creeper line has been an industry favorite for more than 50 years. Our plastic creepers and steel frame creepers are popular worldwide.
Our line of plastic drains, dispensers, pans and other products help keep shops and vehicles clean. Our plastic products are durable and resistant to caustic materials.
We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified basic manufacturer for heavy equipment, refrigeration, hydraulic systems, the trucking industry, the automotive industry and many others.
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