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Parasitic Drain Tester  

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Parasitic Drain Tester  

Provides an Easy Method to Connect a Multimeter to the Vehicle Electrical System to Diagnose Hidden Battery Drain.


Replaceable in-line fuses protect both the meter and tester in the event a high current source on the vehicle is left on. The multimeter is bypassed with the switch during connection in case of a power surge. The tester and meter can remain connected until other computer systems shut down, isolating the drain. As a convenience, stacking banana connectors are used on the tester. This allows voltage to be measured on various locations on the vehicle during the drain test, using standard test leads.

Shipping Weight: 4 oz.
Package Dimensions: 10.5"w 6.5"h 1"d
Suggested Retail: $30.75
UPC Code: 083045649700
Harmonization Code: 8544429000

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