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Right Angle Funnel

10" Tall Translucent Funnel with a 6-3/4" Offset from Center of Mouth to Center of Spout for Hard-to-Reach Applications.


Transaxle Funnel with Extension

1.6 Qt. Translucent Funnel with 18" Clear Spout to Work On Hard-To-Reach Automatic Transmission Fill Plugs.


Fluid Transfer / Extractor Pump Set

Works for Transferring or Siphoning All Types of Automotive Fluid.


Offset Funnel with Spout Cap and Lid

Offset Spout for Hard-To-Reach Applications Like Adding Brake Fluid to Master Cylinders, Gear Lube to Differentials, Fluid to DEF Reservoirs and More.


Multi-Application Oil Funnel

Helps Eliminate Oil Spills when Refilling Crankcases, Especially Those with Baffle Valve Covers.


Continuity Tester, LED

Checks the Ability of Wires, Fuses, Switches or other Electrical Circuits to Carry Current.


Adhesive Shrink Tube Assortment, 60 pc.

Adhesive Coating Inside Tubing Provides Water-Resistent Seal for Insulating and Protecting Soldered Connections and Connectors. RoHS Compliant, Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing.


Digital Circuit Tester 3-49V

Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester with Digital LCD Display to Accurately Show DC Voltage.


Truck Anchor Pin Bushing Driver

Pneumatic Bushing Driver Set Removes and Installs Truck and Trailer 1-3/8" Anchor Pin Bushings and Stuck Anchor Pins.


Digital Circuit Tester 3-30V

360° Visibility of Polarity. Operating Range 3-30 volts DC to Work on Most Vehicle Electrical Systems.

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