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Universal Emergency Brake Tool

Allows Technicians to Compress the Emergency Brake Cable Spring with One Hand.


Emergency Brake Cable Release Tool

Quickly and Easily Pushes the Emergency Brake Cable Out of the Cable Connector for Rear Brake Service or Replacement.


Snap Ring Pliers, Small

Reversible Action for Both Internal and External Snap Rings. Smaller Design to Fit Tight Spaces.


Push Rod Remover

Redesigned for Newer 3.5L and 3.6L GM Engines. Also Works on GM V6 2.8L, 3.1L and 3.4L.


T-Handle Single Spring Brake Tool

Quickly and Easily Releases Tension on Large and Small Single Spring Brakes on GM Vehicles


Harmonic Balancer Installer

Installs Harmonic Balancers or Drive Pulleys that are Pressed on the Crankshaft.


T-55 Torx® Head Bolt Bit

Extended 3" Long T-55 Torx bit for Use on Head Bolts on Chrysler 2.4L New World Engines.


Swivel-Gripper™ 9 Pack

A Handy Merchandiser that Comes with Nine Swivel-Gripper "No-Slip" Filter Wrenches.


Small Fastener Remover

For Use with a Pneumatic Impact Tool to Loosen Rusted or Seized Fasteners.


Heater Core Backflush Tool

Adjustable Pressure Industrial Spray Gun and Stepped Tip Design for Easy Heater Core Flushing.

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