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Broken Plug Remover Kit Ford 3V

A Three Step Kit for Removing Spark Plugs that have Seized in the Engine Head and Broken.


Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

A Heavy-Duty Pick-Up Tool that Extends from 7-1/2" to 26". Will Lift Up To 5 lbs.


Flexible 23-1/2” Magnetic Pick-up Tool

Adjustable Telescoping Action Extends from 5-3/8" to 23-1/2" with a 3-1/2" Flexible Segment that Holds Its Shape.


Master Line Stopper Set

Coverage for Internal and External Lines on Many Types of Vehicles.


Multi-Position Magnetic Cup, Red

Features a Strong Magnetic Base that Attaches Securely to Vehicles, Tool Boxes, Bins, Hoists and any Other Ferrous Metal Object.


Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper

Automatically Adjusts to Strip Insulation From 10 to 24 Gauge Wire.


Compact Multi-Function Wire Stripper 14-24 Gauge

Cuts and Strips Insulation from 14 to 24 Gauge Wires.


Compact Multi-Function Wire Stripper 8-14 Gauge

Cuts and Strips Insulation from 8 to 14 Gauge Wires.


Trim Removal Set, 11 pc. 

Designed to Remove Door Panels, Fascia and Trim Stripes, Dashboards, Interior Panels and Trim, Window Moldings, etc. in Vehicles.


Master Brake Kit, 12pc.

A Handy Set of 12 Brake Tools and Bag for Use When Servicing Many Drum Brake Applications.

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