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56810 Relay Test Jumper Kit

SKU: 56810
UPC: 083045568100
HS Code: 9030330040
Shipping Weight: 0.56 lbs
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Set of Four Relay Test Jumpers Make Testing Relays or Live Circuits Quick and Easy.

Set includes four jumpers to fit the most popular size relays on domestic and import vehicles. Simply remove relay to be tested, insert correct jumper and insert relay into jumper. When using green four pin jumper be careful to align pins on jumper and relay correctly. No need to pierce wires or connect multiple jumper wires. Jumpers have tabs for clamping and flat pads to place test leads on. Set comes in blow-molded case for storage.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
56820 Yellow Jumper
56830 Red Jumper
56840 Blue Jumper
56850 Green Jumper



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