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41630 Caster Camber Kit for GM, 21mm & 24mm

41630 Caster Camber Kit for GM, 21mm & 24mm
SKU: 41630
UPC: 083045416302
HS Code: 8204110030
Shipping Weight: 1.13 lbs

The 14-1/2" 21mm/24mm Wrench can be Used to Move Hard-to-Reach and Often Rusty OEM Cams on 1999 and Newer GM 1/2 and 3/4 Ton Vehicles with Coil Spring Front Suspensions.

The kit includes a cam adjusting holding tool to adjust the upper control arm cams found on Chevrolet® and GMC® vehicles. The holding tool surrounds the entire perimeter of each cam to provide a no-slip work area when moving the hard-to-reach and often rusty OEM cams. The 14-1/2" 21mm/24mm wrench can be conveniently used from the bottom side of the vehicle instead of reaching through the wheel well which saves technicians time.

Part # Description
41640 Caster Camber Wrench, 21mm & 24mm
41650 Caster Camber Holding Tool 

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