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71650 Manifold Drill Template for GM EcoTec3 5.3L & 6.2L

71650 Manifold Drill Template for GM EcoTec3 5.3L & 6.2L
SKU: 71650
UPC: 083045716501
HS Code: 8205595560
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs
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Removes Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts on GM EcoTech3 5.3L and 6.2L Motors Without Damaging the Cylinder Head.

Tapered bolts Center Base Plate Over Bolt Holes and Slip Fit Bushing allows you to move from hole to hole without moving base plate. The screw extractor is then used to remove the broken bolt. Includes bushing to drill to tap size when extractor cannot be used.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
68690 Stud Extractor
71410 Alignment Bolt
71420 8mm Tap Aligner
71450 Lock Screw
71460 1/8" Slip/Fix Bushing
71470 3/16" Slip/Fix Bushing
71480 17/64" Slip/Fix Bushing
71520 1/8" Cobalt Drill
71530 3/16" Cobalt Drill
71540 17/64" Cobalt Drill
71550 Case for the 71400, 71500 & 71650
71620 Alignment Nut, 1pc
71640 GM 5.3L & 6.2L Drill Plate
71660 GM 5.3L & 6.2LDrill Depth Gauge


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