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Preparation - Auto Glass

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Sharp Steel Blade Quickly Peels Off Carbon, Sludge.

For Light to Heavy Duty Work When Space is Limited.

Detailing Brush or Parts Washer Bucket Brush

At last, a scraper that is designed to reach in tight places.

Removes weld scale, rust, paint and corrosion from metal surfaces.

Convenient Pack of Standard Razor Blades.

Strong, Solid Handle Ideal for Stripping Paint, Caulk, Labels, Overspray, Gasket Material, Urethane and Glue.

Rounded and Polished Steel Tip Slides the Self-Locking Part of the Rubber Gasket Into the Locking Channel.

Blade Folds Into The Handle For Safe, Convenient Storage.

1 1/4" Stiff, Tempered Steel Blade.

Cleans Rust from Brake Caliper Mounting and Other Surfaces.

Removes rust, scale, paint and solder from metal surfaces.

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