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Compact Utility Knife with an Ergonomic Comfort Grip to Be Used On Various Jobs.

Wire Handle Puller, 1 pc.

Rounded and Polished Steel Tip Slides the Self-Locking Part of the Rubber Gasket Into the Locking Channel.

Works Great for Removing Hoses, Moldings, Clips, Clamps, Seals, O-Rings, Cotter Pins, and Gaskets.

Designed to Remove Radiator Hoses from Fittings and Clamps.

Set of Five Hose Removers with Many Uses. 

Set of Four Hose Removers with Many Uses.

Features a Strong Magnetic Base that Attaches Securely to Vehicles, Tool Boxes, Bins, Hoists and any Other Ferrous Metal Object.

Includes a Support to Help Prevent Slipping.

Works on All Makes of Cars and Trucks.

Ideal for Marking Most Metal and Softer Material Surfaces.

Automatic Firing Action.

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Showing 1-12 of 13
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