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Features a Strong Magnetic Base that Attaches Securely to Vehicles, Tool Boxes, Bins, Hoists and any Other Ferrous Metal Object.

Compact Utility Knife with an Ergonomic Comfort Grip to Be Used On Various Jobs.

Wire Handle Puller, 1 pc.

Rounded and Polished Steel Tip Slides the Self-Locking Part of the Rubber Gasket Into the Locking Channel.

Works Great for Removing Hoses, Moldings, Clips, Clamps, Seals, O-Rings, Cotter Pins, and Gaskets.

Designed to Remove Radiator Hoses from Fittings and Clamps.

Set of Five Hose Removers with Many Uses. 

Set of Four Hose Removers with Many Uses.

Includes a Support to Help Prevent Slipping.

Works on All Makes of Cars and Trucks.

Ideal for Marking Most Metal and Softer Material Surfaces.

Automatic Firing Action.

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Showing 1-12 of 13
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