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Lisle Corporation has been making and selling specialty tools for the auto glass industry for many years. Our Wiper Arm Puller, Window Holder, and Fastener Removal Tools have been industry staples.

We've recently put a new focus on this product category and plan to introduce many products for use in removing, installing, and repairing glass in all types of vehicles. Check back frequently to see our newest products in the New Products - Auto Glass category below.

If you have specialty tool ideas related to making glass jobs easier please feel free to submit them to our Idea Program. We're always looking for new ideas!

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Pinch Weld Scraper, Straight

Pinch Weld Scraper, Large

Pinch Weld Scraper, Medium

Pinch Weld Scraper, Small

Designed For Easy and Safe Removal of Residual Urethane Adhesive on Vehicle After Glass Has Been Removed.

Quickly Disengage Windshield Molding Clips.

Ergonomic Handle Designed for Easy Insertion of Metal Fiber Cutting Wire Through Polyurethane.

Door Panel Removal Tool

U-Notch Removal Tool, Small

V-Notch Removal Tool, Small

V-Notch Removal Tool

U-Notch Removal Tool

of 9
Showing 1-12 of 98
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