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Plastic Chisel for Removing Emblems and Adhesive Backed Trim Without Damage. 

The 3" Wide Sharp Edge Allows the Technician to Easily Get Under Door Moldings and Emblems.

For Removing and Installing MORTORQ® Fasteners Found on Chrysler, GM, Jeep, and Other Models.

Narrow Tip with V Groove for Removing Plastic Clips Used on Upholstery, Door Panels, Radiator Shrouds, Fender Liners and Weather Stripping.

Easily Removes Mirrors Held on By Spring Clip Without Damage to the Windshield or Mirror.

Strong and Impact Resistant when Used to Pry Against Trim or Metal Body Panels.

19.75" Long Tool is Great to Reach Upholstery Clips in the Middle of a Door Panel.

Designed to Remove Broken Glass Remnants from Glass Channels in Vehicle Doors.

Spreads the Lock Rod Retainer so the Rod can be Removed from the Door Latch on 2015-2018 F-150 and 2017 Super Duty Pickups.

This Tool is Used to Release the Cable from the Handle Assembly So the Door Panel Can Be Removed.

Easily Release SIR Module Retention Springs on GM Cars, Minivans and Light Trucks.

For Easy Removal of Plastic Push Pin Type Panel Fasteners with Center Pins. 

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Showing 37-48 of 59
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