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Brake Tool Parts

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Stone Set for 10000

For Servicing Disc Brakes

For Servicing Disc Brakes 

For Servicing Disc Brakes 

Set Replacement Stones for #10400 

Set Replacement Stones for #10500 

1-1/2" Adapter 

1-5/8" Adapter

Pinless Adapter 

Combination Rear Brake Tool 

Backing Plate 

Pusher Screw 

Nut & Pusher Screw Assembly

1-7/8" GM Adapter

2-1/8" GM Adapter

2-1/2" GM Adapter

Hex Driver 7mm

Hex Driver 10mm

Bracket - Updated Requires 2 

Replacement Hook & Bolts 

Replacement Tip for #45100

Tip for #44800 

Bleeder Screw Adapter 1

Bleeder Screw Adapter 2 

Bleeder Screw Adapter 3 

Lisle Tool Bag 12", Red

Brake Gauge 2MM/.0787 - Right Angled, Red

Brake Gauge 2MM/.0787 - Straight, Red

Brake Gauge 3MM/.1181, Red 

Brake Gauge 4MM/.1575, Yellow 

Brake Gauge 5MM/.1969, Yellow 

Brake Gauge 6MM/.2362, Yellow 

Brake Gauge 8MM/.3150, Green 

Brake Gauge 10MM/.3937, Green 

Brake Gauge 12MM/.4724, Green 

3/16" Adapter

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Showing 1-36 of 60
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