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Replacement Bulb 

1/4" Wire Insertion Tool 

3/8" Wire Insertion Tool 

Mini Stripper

Mini Cutter 

Mini Crimper

24 Volt Bulb 

Replacement Bulb

Replacement Bulb 

Replacement Bulb 

Yellow Jumper

Red Jumper

Blue Jumper

Green Jumper

Flexible Back Probe, Red

Flexible Back Probe, Black

Orange Jumper

White Jumper

Purple Jumper

Grey Jumper

Orange Banana Plug Adapter

Terminal to Blue Plug

Terminal to Yellow Plug

Y Terminal to Green Plug

Case for 60660 & 69300

Switch with 4mm Stackable Banana

4mm Female Banana to Alligator Clamp

Red 4mm Banana to 1/4" Femal Terminal

Green 4mm Banana to 1/4" Male Spade

Yellow 4mm Banana to 2.75mm Male Spade

Blue 4mm Banana to 7.75mm Male Spade

Black 4mm Banana to Stripped wire end

4mm Banana males with inline ATO Fuse

39 3/8" 4mm Female to 4mm Male Extension

Relay Test Jumper Wire Set

.027" Straight Back probe, Red

.027" Straight Back probe, Green

.027" Straight Back probe, Yellow

.027" 45 deg Back probe, Red

.027" 45 deg Back probe, Green

.027" 45 Degree Back probe, Yellow

.027" 90 deg Back probe, Red

.027" 90 deg Back probe, Green

.027" 90 deg Back probe, Yellow

.040" Straight Back probe, Blue

.040" Straight Back probe, Black

.040" 45 deg Back probe, Blue

.040" 45 deg Back probe, Black

.040" 90 deg Back probe, Blue

.040" 90 deg Back probe, Black

Alligator Clip to Banana Plug

Long Straight Probe .040, Black

Long Straight Probe .040, Red

82690 Test Probe 4mm, Female 2mm Tip, Black

Test Probe 4mm, Female 2mm Tip, Red

Crocodile Clip, Black

Crocodile Clip, Red

Female-to-Female 4mm Banana, Black

Female-to-Female 4mm Banana, Red

Slotted Ring 4mm Female Banana, Black

Slotted Ring 4mm Female Banana, Red

Male-to-Female 4mm Banana, Black

Male-to-Female 4mm Banana, Red

Safety Test Probe 4mm Banana Female, Black

Safety Test Probe 4mm Banana Female, Red

Test Lead 43" 4mm, Black

Test Lead 43" 4mm, Red

Male 4mm Banana Alligator Clip, Red

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