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Quick check both AC and DC current up to 12 volts with power on.

Check continuity on wires, fuses, switches and other electrical systems.

Quickly Disconnects Electrical Connectors Without Damage.

Checks Both Low Voltage and Spark Plug Wires.

Quickly Locate Faulty Plug Wires. No Shock Hazard.

Eliminate Damaged Wires and Terminals.

Checks the Ability of Wires, Fuses, Switches or other Electrical Circuits to Carry Current.  

Quickly Tests Low Voltage up to 12 Volts.

Features a 3/8" Scissor Style Cutting Blade. Serrated Nose Jaws Strip Seven Wire Sizes which Include 10-22 AWG Wires.

Also Indicates Polarity. SUPERSEDES 27450

Flexible Silicone Probe Bends for Hard-to-Reach Areas. Great for Harness Connectors and Sensor Wiring. 

Saves Memory Settings From Under the Hood.

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Showing 1-12 of 52
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