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Kit Makes Testing Relays or Live Circuits Quick and Easy

Lights the Work Area and Removes Wires from Terminals without Damage.

Includes 8 Jumpers to Fit Most Popular Relays. Also Includes Test Lead Kit and Relay Puller Pliers.

Helps Remove Terminals from Connectors without Damage.

Extend Multimeter Capabilities.

Provides a Better Way to Check Circuitry with a Circuit Tester or Meter.

Set of Four Relay Test Jumpers Make Testing Relays or Live Circuits Quick and Easy.

Set makes testing relays or live circuits quick and easy.

Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester with Digital LCD Display to Accurately Show DC Voltage.

Set of Three Terminal Tools and Handle for Removing Wires from Terminals Without Damage. 

360° Visibility of Polarity. Operating Range 3-30 volts DC to Work on Most Vehicle Electrical Systems. 

Provides the technicians with an assortment of back probe pins with standard banana plug connections. 

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Showing 1-12 of 53
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