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Engine Tool Parts

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Replacement Stones, 220 grit

Special Hard Stones, 240 grit

Replacement Stones, 320 grit

Spill Free Funnel Lid for Funnel (will fit all older Funnels)

45 Degree Elbow 

Fluid Stopper 

Large Cap A

Medium Cap B

Large Adapter A with Gasket

Medium Adapter B with Gasket (OBSOLETE AT FACTORY, #22240 Supersedes)

Small Cap C

Threaded Cap D for GM 

Adapter D with Gasket for GM

5" Straight Extension

Adapter E with Gasket for Ford

Red Adapter B w/gasket

Black Adapter A w/gasket

Blue Adapter E w/gasket

Green Adapter C w/gasket

Purple Adapter D w/gasket

VW/Audi/Porsche Cap 

Timing Bar 

Short Timing Pin 

Long Timing Pin

NOx Socket, 30mm

Line Socket, 19mm

Line Socket, 22mm

Valve Core 

14mm Adapter

Breather (Silver)

Probe Adapter

Wire Assembly


Diaphragm Assembly

Ear Pads

Tensioner Hold Down 

Stethoscope Magnet

Ford Drill Plate 6.0L & 6.4L

Ford Diesel Drill Depth Gauge 

Case for the 71350 / 71400 / 71500 

Ford Gas 4.6L, 5.4L & 6.8L Drill Plate 

Ford 4.6L & 5.4L Drill Depth Gauge 

Case for the 71600 

Stud Extractor

8mm Tap Aligner

Lock Screw 

1/8" Slip/Fix Bushing

3/16" Slip/Fix Bushing

17/64" Slip/Fix Bushing

1/8" Cobalt Drill

3/16" Cobalt Drill

17/64" Cobalt Drill

GM Drill Plate

Drill Depth Gauge

Dodge 5.7 Drill Plate

GM 5.3L & 6.2L Drill Plate

GM 5.3L & 6.2LDrill Depth Gauge

Base Template for Ford, Blue

2 Valve Adapter

3 Valve Adapter

Knurled Thumb Screw

Nylon Washer

Double Ended 1/8" Drill Bit

3/16" Drill Bit

Short Alignment Pin

Long Alignment Pin

Flanged Nut

Thrust Bearing


Knurled Nut

7/16-20 Adapter

M12x1.5 Adapter

1/2-20 Adapter 

M14x1.5 Adapter

9/16-18 Adapter 

5/8-18 Adapter 

M16x2.0 Adapter 

3/4-16 Adapter 

M14x1.5 Adapter, Long

M16x2.0 Adapter, Long

Case for 53790

M12x1.5 Adapter 

M12x1.75 Nut

Long 12mmx1.5 Threaded Shaft

M12x1.5 Nut

M12x1.75 Stud

Case for 53760

Right Hand Hex Nut

Porcelain Puller & Right Handed Nut

Porcelain Pusher Assembly

Puller Housing

Puller Screw

Left Hand Hex Nut

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Showing 1-100 of 250
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