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Driving Bar Assembly for #18000

Expander Shaft 

Expander Shaft Cone

Expander Cone

Nylon Cone 

Driving Bar Extension 

18350 Expander Jaw Segments (4)

Drill Plate for Dodge 4.7L

Case for 18000

59660 Case for 59650 & 59670

5/8" Replacement Cup

13/16" Replacement Cup

1 3/8" Replacement Cup

1 1/8" Replacement Cup

Alignment Nut 10mm x 1.25, 1pc

Alignment Bolt 10mm x 1.25, 1 pc. 

Case for 72450 

Drill Depth Gauge for Ford 6.2L

Drill Plate for Ford 6.2L

Steel Line Stopper 3/8"

Steel Line Stopper 3/8" Banjo

Steel Line Stopper 5/16"

Steel Line Stopper 1/4"

Brake & Fuel Line Clamp 7 1/4"

Brake & Fuel Line Clamp 6 1/4"

Line Stopper Cap- 3/4" 

Line Stopper Cap- 5/8" 

Line Stopper 7/16'-1/2" 

Line Stopper 5/16'-3/8" 

Line Stopper 3/16'-1/4"

Line Stopper 1/8"

Hex Nut M8 X 1.25

Compressor Body

Hex Socket Screw M8-1.25 X 70 

10mm Triple Square Shaft Bit

T-50 Shaft Bit

17mm Pulley Socket

10mm Female Hex Shaft Bit

33T Spline Pulley Socket

Expansion Screw

Spring Behind Cutter

Cutter Jaw

Expansion Spring Band 

Stabilizer Spring

Guide Jaw

Bottom Plate

Top Plate

Carbide Cutter

Set Screw

1" Insert

Swedger Handle

Insert Installer

5/16" Insert (5 Pack)

Short Tap Holder

7/16" Insert (5 Pack)

11/16" Insert (5 Pack)

Long Tap Holder

Drill Tap

Threaded Cap for Ford  

Rubber Sleeve 

Rubber Sleeve

Rubber Sleeve

Rubber Sleeve

Rubber Sleeve 

Rubber Sleeve

Large Washer 

Small Washer 


Expander Assembly 

Socket Head Cap Screw

Duramax 4500/5500 Flywheel Lock

Duramax Pickup Flywheel Lock 

Stone Arm

Flex Driver 

Jaw Casting


Stone Locking Screw

Driver Assembly

Stone Set 

Stone Set 

Stone Set 

Stone Set 

Stone Set

Stone Set 

Stone Set

Stone Set 

Driver Extension 

Yoke & Ring Assembly 

Stone Set 

Stone Set 

Stone Set 

Stone Set 

Stone & Wiper Set 

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Showing 1-100 of 250
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