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General Tool Parts

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Long Bar

Short Bar

1/4" Adapter

5/16" Adapter

1/2" Adapter

Vinyl Holder for 70940 

Vinyl Holder for 70500 

90 Degree Mini Pick

Awl / Straight Mini Pick

Curved Mini Hook

Tube Set 

Large Adapter

Medium Adapter 

Small Adapter 

Repair Kit 

Large Rubber Tip

Small Rubber Tip

Replacement Rubber Tip

Replacement Tip

For 3/4", fractional M.C.T.I. standard taps.

For 11/16", fractional M.C.T.I. standard taps.

For 5/8", fractional M.C.T.I. standard taps.

Tap Socket #1

Tap Socket #2

Tap Socket #3

Tap Socket #4

Tap Socket #5

Tap Socket #6

Tap Socket #7

Tap Socket #8 

Replacement Bulb Assembly 

14mm Socket

15mm Socket

18mm Socket

13mm Socket

3/8" Square drive

1/2" Square Drive Assembly 

16mm Socket


19mm Socket

Handle Assembly

Socket Set w/ Holder

Handle Assembly

Swivel Joint

Handle Screw 

Handle & Screw 

Case for 72070 


Big Stopper

Tapered Stopper

Long Clear Tube

Short Clear Tube

Lid with Inlets

Lid Solid

O-Ring for Lid

Small Brake Bleeder

Medium Brake Bleeder

Large Brake Bleeder

Hood Prop Support

55490 Cable Slitter Blade

59660 Case for 59650 & 59670

Vinyl holder for the Lisle 71670

For 7/8", fractional M.C.T.I. standard taps.

For 1", fractional M.C.T.I. standard taps.

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