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Bends 3/16" Brake Lines Without Kinking or Flattening, Especially in Tight Spots.

Holds Gas Charged Lift Supports Up to 9/16", Found On Hoods, Tailgates, Hatchbacks and Trunks. Neodymium Magnet Holds the Tool in Place While Securing the Clamp.

Works on All Makes of Cars and Trucks.

Includes a Support to Help Prevent Slipping.

Reversible Action for Both Internal and External Snap Rings. Smaller Design to Fit Tight Spaces.

Ideal for Holding Round and Hex Parts Securely.

For Protecting Delicate Parts.

Securely Attaches to Ferrous Metal Surfaces Like Spray Booth Walls, Mixing Room Walls, Workstation Cabinets and More.

Smooth Nylon Action Cuts Tubing Quickly.

For Use On Any Application with a Gasket Seal such as Oil Pans, Transmission Pans and Differential Covers.

Coil and Uncoil Your Air Hose Neatly and Quickly to Prevent Damage.

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Showing 49-60 of 124
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