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All Metal Wrench to Remove and Install Bowls on Newer Paccar Chassis Mounted Fuel Filter Assemblies.

 The Extra Deep 15/16" Works Well on the 30/36 Spring Brakes for Autocar, CCC Style Dump Trucks, and Garbage Trucks with MGM Brakes.

Compact Wrench Provides 100% Engagement on the Fuel Filter Bowl.

The 9 Piece Manual Brake Gauge Set Allows Brake Pad Wear to be Accurately and Consistently Measured without Guessing.

Quickly Unlocks Truck Air Brakes.

Quickly Tests Voltage up to 28 Volts. 

Double Ended Wrench Removes Vent Cap on Top of Davco Chassis Mounted Fuel Filter System Canisters.

Used to Plug the Oil Filter When Changing Oil on 2013-2017 Dodge Ram Cummins 2500/3500 Heavy-Duty Trucks.

Removes and installs the wire harness on glow plug connectors on Ford 6.0L and other diesel engines.

11 Point Socket for Air Disc Brake Caliper Adjustment.

Pneumatic Bushing Driver Set Removes and Installs Truck and Trailer 1-3/8" Anchor Pin Bushings and Stuck Anchor Pins.

Use this heavy-duty drain to drain large capacity crank cases or radiator systems. 

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Showing 37-48 of 52
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