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12030 Flare Nut Socket Set, 10 pc.

12030 Flare Nut Socket Set, 10 pc.
SKU: 12030
UPC: 083045120308
HS Code: 8204200000
Shipping Weight: 2.19 lbs

The Socket Design Allow Access to Difficult Wired Temperature Sensors, Thermo Switches and Other Components.

Works on ABS, master cylinder, coolant, and diesel injection sensors. 3/8" square drive with chrome finish. Set includes: 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm and 19mm.

Part # Description
12040 Line Socket, 10mm
12110 Line Socket, 11mm
12120 Line Socket, 12mm
12460 Line Socket, 13mm
12480 Line Socket, 14mm
12670 Line Socket, 15mm
12680 Line Socket, 16mm
12720 Line Socket, 17mm
12760 Line Socket, 18mm
12770 Line Socket, 19mm
13160 Foam Tray for 12030

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