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13840 16mm x 1.5 Wheel Stud Pins, 2 pc.

13840 16mm x 1.5 Wheel Stud Pins, 2 pc.
SKU: 13840
Suggested Retail: $25.25
UPC: 083045138402
HS Code: 8205599080
Shipping Weight: 0.48 lbs

16mm x 1.5 Threads to Easily Remove and Install Wheels on Dodge ProMaster with Lug Bolts.

Wheel stud pilot pins allow you to hang the wheel without having to balance the wheel on the small lip of the hub. This helps prevent the wheel from falling and causing damage or injury. Simply insert threaded pins into hub bolt holes to hold the wheel in place while inserting or removing lugs. Fits 2014 and newer Dodge ProMaster with lug bolts.

Available Individually:

Part # Description
13820 16mm x 1.5 Wheel Stud Pin, 1pc.


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