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11 Point Socket for Air Disc Brake Caliper Adjustment.

Easily Removes Mirrors Held on By Spring Clip Without Damage to the Windshield or Mirror.

Narrow Tip with V Groove for Removing Plastic Clips Used on Upholstery, Door Panels, Radiator Shrouds, Fender Liners and Weather Stripping.

Double Ended Wrench Removes Vent Cap on Top of Davco Chassis Mounted Fuel Filter System Canisters.

Designed to Easily Remove and Install Clic® and Clic-R® Hose Clamps Found on Many European Vehicles.

Features a Mechanism for Clamping without Springs or Any Manual Adjustments.

Strong and Impact Resistant when Used to Pry Against Trim or Metal Body Panels.

The 9 Piece Manual Brake Gauge Set Allows Brake Pad Wear to be Accurately and Consistently Measured without Guessing.

Thin Wall, 16mm, 12 pt. Socket with Swivel to Remove and Replace Spark Plugs from Narrow Tubes.

Compact Wrench Provides 100% Engagement on the Fuel Filter Bowl.

Designed to Remove Broken Glass Remnants from Glass Channels in Vehicle Doors.

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Showing 1-12 of 42
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