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Used to Remove Commercial Heavy-Duty Yokes on Transmissions and Rear-End Differentials Without Damage to Yokes or Other Components.

Injector Puller Handles a Variety of Injectors Found in Cummins and Duramax Engines.

Does the Job Much Faster than Conventional Fan Clutch Wrenches.

The Socket Design Allow Access to Difficult Wired Temperature Sensors, Thermo Switches and Other Components.

Cast Aluminum End Cap Wrenches and ColdHeaded Steel Sockets that Fit Most Popular Domestic and Import Vehicles.

A Set of the Most Popular Disconnect Tools for Separating Oil Cooler Lines, Fuel Lines, Heater Lines and Air Conditioning Line Couplings on Most Vehicles.

Time Saving Tool That Safely Removes Frozen Hub Assemblies Without Damaging Other Suspension Components.

Designed to Replace Fuel Line Fittings Without Damage to Fitting, Fuel Rail, and Fuel Line Reducing the Possibility of Fuel Leaks.

Double-Ended Flip Sockets Offer 2 Hex Sizes in Each Socket for the removal of Standard and Damaged Lug Nuts Found on Many Vehicles.  

Water and Air Cleaning In One Wand for High Efficiency Cooling Systems on Large Industrial Equipment.

3-30 Volts DC Dual Polarity Digital Test Light that Can Also Apply Load to Get an Instant Voltage Drop Reading.

Caps Used to Block Off the Fuel Rail During Fuel Pressure Diagnostics in 2003-2022 Cummins, 2001-2022 Duramax, and 2008-2022 Ford Engines.

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Showing 1-12 of 42
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