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AS101 PARTS BRUSH™ Atlasta® Soft Tip Brush
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Detailing brush

Similar to our popular Atlasta® parts cleaning brush but with a softer tip that won't scratch chrome or polished metal.  Innovative bullet-shaped tip.  Softer tip, tapered polyester filament that won't scratch polished surfaces.  Keeps cleaning power at the tip for tight spaces, vents and hard-to-reach spots.  Long-lasting Trialoy® polyester filament holds shape in both water- and solvent-based cleaning solutions


Length:  9.75" (25 cm)

Weight:  4.3 oz (122 gm)

Filament:  Trialoy® tapered polyester

This item is sold in bulk only of 100 or more.  To purchase, please contact The Parts Brush Division of Lisle Corporation.  To purchase individual Lisle brushes please click here

5 stars out of 5 rating
Very heavy duty brush! Well made!

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