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OS101 Oriflo ® Soft Tip Brush
SKU: OS101
UPC: 014591500146
HS Code: 9603500000
Shipping Weight: 0.31 lbs

Flow-thru detailing brush

Designed for industrial parts washers with solvent circulating pumps.  The ORIFLO® Soft Tip flow-thru detailing brush is designed for use with polished or delicate surfaces. Bullet-shaped tip resists mushrooming.  Softer tip, tapered polyester filament that won't scratch polished surfaces.  Durable, injection-molded handle with ribbed design for firm grip.  Long-lasting, stiff Trialoy® polyester filament can be used in either petroleum or water-based cleaning solutions

Filament:  Trialoy® tapered polyester

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