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Pneumatic Bushing Driver Set Removes and Installs Truck and Trailer 1-3/8" Anchor Pin Bushings and Stuck Anchor Pins.

Works on many applications.

Use with a Pry Bar to Separate the Lower Control Arm from the Ball Joint Stud.

Safe - Universal - Inexpensive.

Special Socket Design Applies the Impact Force to the Center of the Frozen Bolt Through the Nose on the Pneumatic Driver.

Loosens bolts and clamps on tie rods for removal or adjustment.

Works On Inner Tie Rods With Inaccessible Wrench Flats On Many Trucks and SUVs.

40mm Crowfoot for GM for 54500

 The Extra Deep 15/16" Works Well on the 30/36 Spring Brakes for Autocar, CCC Style Dump Trucks, and Garbage Trucks with MGM Brakes.

Works on Inner Tie Rods with Inaccessible Wrench Flats.

For Use on 2002 and Newer Ford SUVs with Independent Rear Suspension.

Removes Inner Tie Rods Equipped with a Completely Round End Socket. Also Fits Inner Tie Rod Sockets with Flats.

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Showing 1-12 of 42
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