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Also Pulls Cartridge Fuses.

Jaws Adjust to Five Positions.

Unique Sound Chamber and Super Thin Diaphragm Greatly Amplifies Sounds.

Detects Noise From Vacuum Leaks, Exhaust Leaks, Wind Noise and Air Leaks.

Dual Purpose Set Detects Both Mechanical and Air Induced Sounds.

Two Pulling Positions Help Make Removing Spark Plug Wires A Safe And Easy Job.

For Adjusting Idle / Mixture Screws on GM and Chrysler.

Test All Types of Fuel Injection Systems.

Extended 3" Long T-55 Torx bit for Use on Head Bolts on Chrysler 2.4L New World Engines.

This set checks fuel pressure on most domestic (except GM TBI) and Japanese Fuel Injection and Throttle Body Injection Systems.

Includes 8 Jumpers to Fit Most Popular Relays. Also Includes Test Lead Kit and Relay Puller Pliers.

Used to Start and Remove Spark Plugs in Deeply Recessed Holes.  

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Showing 25-36 of 53
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