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Parts Brushes

In late 2020 the Lisle Corporation, another family owned company, located in Clarinda, Iowa purchased Parts Brush Division.  Founded in 1903, the Lisle Corporation's specialty automotive tools, mechanic's creepers, and lubrication & tire products are the preferred line among automotive warehouse distributors and jobbers because Lisle manufactures quality products that are priced right.  The specialty automotive tool line now consists of more than 700 products, with many of them being produced at the expanded site of the original factory built in Clarinda, Iowa in 1903.

The AS101 Atlasta Soft Tip Brush is a detailing brush similar to the popular AT101 Atlasta Parts Brush but with a softer tip that won’t scratch chrome or polished metal.

The OR101H2 Oriflo Flow-Thru Brush with Tube is designed for industrial parts washers with solvent circulating pumps. It delivers a continuous stream of solvent through the bristle.

The MJ101 MultiJet Flow-Thru Brush is a self-cleaning flow-thru parts washer brush. It is designed for industrial parts washers with solvent circulating pumps. With MultiJet an extra ring of solvent jets keeps the brush head clean as you work.

The Parts Brush branded items are sold in bulk only.  To purchase, please contact The Parts Brush Division of Lisle Corporation. To purchase Lisle branded brushes please follow this link:  Buy Lisle Parts Brushes

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