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96572 4" Wheel for Plastic Creeper

SKU: 96572
Suggested Retail: $13.50
UPC: 083045965725
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs
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Larger 4" Diameter Urethane Rollers for a Better Ride.

The larger urethane creeper wheels roll better on all surfaces. Works especially well on cracked or uneven floor surfaces and under heavy loads. Rollers also fit the conventional Lisle plastic creeper models 92102, 93102 and 94102, so you can interchange rollers or retrofit your conventional plastic creeper.

Wheels are not covered by warranty since they are consumable/wear items.

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can the 2" wheels on my low profile creeper be "upgraded" to the 4" ?

You can interchange or retrofit your conventional Lisle Plastic Creeper with (6) 96572 4" wheels. 

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