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19912 Multi-Application Oil Funnel Set, 14 pc.

19912 Multi-Application Oil Funnel Set, 14 pc.
SKU: 19912
UPC: 083045199120
HS Code: 3926909099
Shipping Weight: 2.06 lbs
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Includes Two New Adapters for Volvo and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep.

Helps eliminate oil spills when refilling crankcases, especially those with baffle valve covers. The 1.6 qt. translucent funnel comes with 14 different color-coded adapters and a 45° elbow to work on many applications and save valuable storage space. Adapter holders keep adapters organized in toolbox or on pegboard. Use spout only as a standard funnel. The adapters fit crankcases securely. Tethered lid and cap keep the funnel clean.

Patent: 10,450,180

Available Individually: 

Part Number Description
18832 Funnel Body, Gray
19352 GM/Ford Adapter w/ O-Ring, Black
19362 Ford/Mazda Adapter w/ O-Ring, Blue
19372 Toyota/Lexus Adapter w/ Gasket, Yellow
19382 Honda/Acura/Nissan Adapter w/ Gasket, Green
19392 VW/Audi/BMW/Mercedes Adapter w/ Gasket, Maroon
19402 Chrysler Adapter w/ O-Ring, Purple
19412 Toyota/Lexus Adapter w/ Gasket, Orange
19452 Subaru Adapter w/ Gasket, Neon Red
19472 GM Adapter w/ Gasket, Teal
19482 Audi/VW Adapter w/ Gasket, Tan
19492 Hyundai/KIA Adapter w/ Gasket, Royal Blue
19422 Straight Adapter, Clear
19432 Elbow 45 Degree, Black
19442 Tethered Lid, Red
19512 Chrysler/Jeep Adapter, Gold
19522 Volvo Adapter, Light Green
19532 Tethered Spout Cap, Red
19502 Chrysler Adapter w/ Gasket, Mid Gray
19632 Adapter Holder Base 1 pc.
19672 Adapter Holder Inserts 5 pc.

*When ordering a replacement 18832 Funnel Body, Gray also order the 19422 Straight Adapter, Clear.

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