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19702 8 Qt. Oil Dispenser with Lid and Cap

8 Qt. Dispenser
SKU: 19702
UPC: 083045197027
HS Code: 3923309090
Shipping Weight: 21.00 lbs
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Now With a Spout Cap and Lid to Keep Out Contaminants.

Our popular 8 Quart Dispenser with a spout cap and lid to keep out dirt, dust and other contaminants. Many large SUVs and trucks now require more oil. Works great to transport bulk oil. Translucent white polyethylene material enables the user to read the oil level on the container up to 8 quarts and is marked in both quarts and liters. Flexible, removable 8" pouring spout enables easy transfer of liquid. 

Part Number Description
19742 White Spout & Threaded Collar
19682 Lid
19692 Spout Cap
19792 Black Threaded Collar



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