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17060 5" Adapter for Pipe Stretcher

17060 5" Adapter for Pipe Stretcher
SKU: 17060
UPC: 083045170600
HS Code: 8204200010
Shipping Weight: 1.63 lbs

 Collet expand pipes up to 5" including stainless steel. 

The tool must be used with the 17350 Tail pipe stretcher kit. The tool can be used on the vehicle. The pipe stretcher kit is a convenient, inexpensive alternative to hydraulic pipe expanders. Choose appropriate aluminum adapter to use with the standard expander tool. The #4 adapter must be used with the #6 adapter. Be sure to keep threads and cone well lubricated.

Available Individually: 

Part # Description
17070 O-Ring for 5" Adapter, 1pc


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