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OBSOLETE AT FACTORY - 35650 HD Thermostat Seal Installer

SKU: 35650
MSRP: $60.45
UPC: 083045356509
HS Code: 8205599010
Shipping Weight: 1.06 lbs
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Used On Most CAT, Cummins and Detroit Diesel Engines (Class 7 and 8 Trucks).

The double-sided centering bushing guides the seal driver so that seals can be easily installed straight into the recessed port in the thermostat housing. For seals without a stop flange, the handle provides the stop to install the seal to the correct depth in the housing.

Part # Description
35620 Driver Bushing
35630 Handle
35640 Center Bushing
35660 5/16-24 Bolt
35670 Lock Washer


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