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51150 Plastic Oil Drain Plug Set, 3pc.

51150 Plastic Oil Drain Plug Set, 3pc.
SKU: 51150
UPC: 083045511502
HS Code: 8204200000
Shipping Weight: 0.60 lbs
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Safely and Easily Remove Plastic Oil Pan Drain Plugs Found on Many Late Model Audi, BMW, Ford and Volkswagen without Damage to the Plug.

Offset design of the Ford tool to keep technicians hands away from hot fluids. Spring loaded tab securely holds plug keeping it from dropping into the drain pan. The two bits
have a 3/8" square drive.

Available Individually: 

Part # Description
51160 BMW Plastic Plug Bit
51170 VW/Audi Plastic Plug Bit
51180 Ford Plastic Plug Wrench 

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