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69940 Trim Removal Set, 5 pc.

69940 Trim Removal Set, 5 pc.
SKU: 69940
UPC: 083045699408
HS Code: 3926909980
Shipping Weight: 0.88 lbs
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Strong and Impact Resistant when Used to Pry Against Trim or Metal Body Panels.

Used for all types of trim removal including side molding, window trim, door handle trim, grill trim and bumper moldings. Made of glass reinforced nylon. Neon orange
for visibility.

Available Individually:

Part # Description
69950 Wide Trim Remover
69960 Pull Type Trim Remover
69970 Handy Trim Remover
69980 Narrow Trim Remover
69990 Upholstery Clip Remover


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