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81450 Adapt-A-Cap

81450 Adapt-A-Cap
SKU: 81450
UPC: 083045814504
HS Code: 3917230000
Shipping Weight: 0.30 lbs
Average 5 stars out of 5 rating

Ideal for Servicing Hard-To-Reach Fluids in Automobiles, Motorcycles, Boats, RVs and Ag Equipment.

Eliminates the need for external pumps, hoses or funnels to transfer fluids. Helps prevent spills and messes. Three tapered urethane adapters to fit most standard quart and larger bottles, so the bottle becomes the pump. When the bottle is squeezed, internal bottle pressure forces the fluid up and out of the tube adapter. Includes three angled tubes, two extension tubes and two pick-up tubes.

Patent # 9,815,583

Available Individually: 

Part # Description
81460 Tube Set
81540 Large Adapter
81550 Medium Adapter
81560 Small Adapter


5 stars out of 5 rating
 Andrew Lauritsen
This has been the go to tool for the other mechanics in our shop for adding 80/90w gear oil to gearboxes in hard to access places.

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