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83400 Truck Brake Lining Gauge Set

83400 Truck Brake Lining Gauge Set
SKU: 83400
UPC: 083045834007
HS Code: 9017308000
Shipping Weight: 0.12 lbs
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The 9 Piece Manual Brake Gauge Set Allows Brake Pad Wear to be Accurately and Consistently Measured without Guessing.

Designed to check both straight on or at a 90° angle to the rotor with offset tips. Brake lining gauges identify thickness levels for brake lining inspection. Made from durable, flexible acetal. Includes 22mm (.8661"), 20mm (.7874"), 18mm (.7087"), 16mm (.6299"), 14mm (.5512"), 12mm (.4724"), 10mm (.3937"), 8mm (.3150") and 6mm (.2362").

Patent: 9,500,462

Available Individually: 

Part # Description
83410 6mm/.2362
83420 8mm/.3150
83430 10mm/.3937
83440 12mm/.4724
83450 14mm/.5511
83460 16mm/.6299
83470 18mm/.7086
83480 20mm/.7874
83490 22mm/8661

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