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OBSOLETE AT FACTORY - 68300 Trim Removal Set, 11 pc.

68300 main
SKU: 68300
UPC: 083045683001
HS Code: 3926909980
Shipping Weight: 1.44 lbs
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Designed to Remove Door Panels, Fascia and Trim Stripes, Dashboards, Interior Panels and Trim, Window Moldings, etc. in Vehicles.

Specially designed deep V-notch design for better engagement of small fasteners. Tools have multiple tip angles and sizes to work on many different applications. Made from impact resistant plastic for leverage, but will not damage vehicle surfaces. Includes a handy pouch that can be folded or hung for easy storage and access.



Available individually:

Part Number Tool # Description
68310 #1 Wide-Type Remover
68320 #2 Pull-Type Remover
68330 #3 Handy Remover
68340 #4 Narrow Type Remover
68350 #5 Upholstery Clip Remover
68360 #6 Angled Clip Panel Remover
68370 #7 Fork Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
68380 #8 Clip Panel Remover
68390 #9 Sharp Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
68400 #10 Panel Remover
68410 #11 Blunt Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
68420   Black Roll-up Pouch for 68300





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