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29350 Combination Disc Brake Kit

29350 Combination Disc Brake Kit
SKU: 29350
UPC: 083045293507
HS Code: 7326909099
Shipping Weight: 4.80 lbs
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One Tool Helps Make Installing New Pads on Front and Rear Brakes Quick and Easy. 

Designed to work on single piston disc brakes that require the piston to be rotated back into the caliper as well as pistons that are not rotated. Includes two, double-sided thin pin adapters along with a pinless pushing adapter. Shaft may be rotated both directions depending on the vehicle application. Turn with 9/16" wrench or socket.

Patent: 9,683,620

Part Number Description
Adapter 1A - 1-1/2" (narrow pins) most Hondas, Mazdas, Dodge, Mitsubishi and 1-1/2" GMs
Adapter 1B - 1-1/2" (wide pins) most Fords, Toyotas and some Pontiac
Adapter 2A - 1-5/8" most Nissans/Datsuns and Subarus
Adapter 2B - 1-5/8" Mazda 3, some Jaguar and some Mini Cooper
29410 Pinless Adapter - Front brakes that do not require the piston to be rotated back into the caliper
29400  Combination Rear Brake Tool 
29430 Case for 29350


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