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28830 Digital Circuit Tester 3-49V

SKU: 28830
UPC: 083045288305
HS Code: 9030399090
Shipping Weight: 0.56 lbs
Average 5 stars out of 5 rating

Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester with Digital LCD Display to Accurately Show DC Voltage.

Operating range of 3-49 volts DC to work on most vehicle electrical systems. 360° visibility of polarity. The red light indicates positive polarity, green indicates negative polarity. Long, 12ft. coil cord and heavy-duty alligator clamp for secure connections. The probe is insulated to prevent the possibility of shorting the side of the probe to other components.

Patent: 9,970,965

5 stars out of 5 rating
 Merrick Roberts
Excellent tester. Allows testing of late model car and truck sensors which are 3.5v or 5v while also being a great tool for tracing down shorted or broken wires along with general automotive voltage testing. Will not be without 1 in my toolbox.

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