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OBSOLETE AT FACTORY - 69600 Test Probe Kit

SKU: 69600
UPC: 083045696001
HS Code: 9030399090
Shipping Weight: 0.56 lbs
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Provides a Better Way to Check Circuitry with a Circuit Tester or Meter.

Kit includes 14 flexible test probes, long straight probe, piercing back probe, crocodile clip, 4mm circuit tester adapter and Deutsch spooned probe. The probes are designed to be used on popular Weather-Pack, Metri-Pack and Micro-Pack style connectors. The test probes are 5" in length and are flexible to help eliminate damage to the connector terminals that can result from testing with a standard test probe. The 4mm adapter allows conversion of some circuit testers to a 4mm banana connector, which provides a better connection. Kit comes in a pouch for storage.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
69580 Black Pouch
69410 Red Male Spade Wire
69420 Red Female Spade Wire
69430 Green Male Spade Wire
69440 Green Female Spade Wire
69450 White Male Spade Wire
69460 White Female Spade Wire
69470 Blue Male Spade Wire
69480 Blue Female Spade Wire
69490 Black Male Spade Wire
69500 Black Female Spade Wire
69510 Gray Male Spade Wire
69520 Gray Female Spade Wire
69530 Yellow Male Spade Wire
69540 Yellow Female Spade Wire
69550 Flexible Spooned Back Probe
69560 4mm Probe Adaptor
69570 4mm Piercing Back Probe
82670 Long Straight Probe .040, Black
82710 Crocodile Clip, Black




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