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SKU: 23500
UPC: 083045235002
Shipping Weight: 1.31 lbs
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Full 2" to 7" Range (50.8 - 177.8mm).

Controlled pressure assures positive, adjustable contact through full range. Operates with any electric drill. Furnished with 3" long 220 grit stones, see below for other grits. Adjustable stop collar permits quick selection of two range settings, from 2" to 4" and from 4" to 7". Stone arms are easily compressed to eliminate cylinder scratches.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
23510 Flex Driver
23520 Replacement Stones, 220 grit
23530 Special Hard Stones, 240 grit
23540 Replacement Stones, 320 grit
23680 Stone Arm 



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