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83100 External Torx Plus® Socket Set

SKU: 83100
UPC: 083045831006
HS Code: 8207504060
Shipping Weight: 0.88 lbs
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Nine of the Most Popular Torx Plus® Socket Sizes for Automotive Applications.

External Torx Plus® applications include body panels on newer Ford trucks with aluminum bodies and seats on GM trucks. Standard Torx® sockets will not fit Torx Plus® fasteners. Three smaller sockets are 1/4" drive five sockets are 3/8" drive and the largest socket is 1/2" drive.


Sold Individually:

Part Number Description
83110 EP-6 Torx Plus® Socket
83120 EP-7 Torx Plus® Socket
83130 EP-8 Torx Plus® Socket
83140 EP-10 Torx Plus® Socket
83150 EP-11 Torx Plus® Socket
83160 EP-12 Torx Plus® Socket
83170 EP-14 Torx Plus® Socket
83180 EP-16 Torx Plus® Socket
83190 EP-18 Torx Plus® Socket
83200 Vinyl Holder for #83100






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