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SKU: 43300
UPC: 083045433002
HS Code: 8204120010
Shipping Weight: 9.31 lbs
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Quickly Removes & Installs Fan Clutch When Repairing The Water Pump Or Fan Clutch.

Quickly removes and installs fan clutch when repairing the water pump or fan clutch. Faster and easier than conventional fan clutch wrenches. No holding wrench is necessary. Set includes 7 driving wrenches that fit Ford, GM, Chrysler & Jeep. Set now includes 7/8", 32mm, 36mm, 40mm thin and new 47mm size to fit Ford 6.0L and 6.4L Powerstroke diesel pickup. 1-7/8"and 2" are still included in the set. 1-1/2" 41mm and 42mm are still available individually. Use with an air hammer. Includes blow molded storage case.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
*43370 Handle Assembly
*43380 32 mm Driving Wrench
*43390 36mm Driving Wrench
*43410 1-7/8" Driving Wrench
*43420 2" Driving Wrench
*43430 7/8" Driving Wrench
*43440 40mm Driving Wrench
*43530 47mm Driving Wrench
43450 42mm Driving Wrench
43540 1-1/2" Driving Wrench
43550 41mm Driving Wrench
43340 2-1/8" Driving Wrench
43470 Case for 43300

* Included in set


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