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SKU: 61450
Suggested Retail: $102.25
UPC: 083045614500
HS Code: 8204120010
Shipping Weight: 4.94 lbs
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The new design for the 10pc. End Cap Filter Wrenches has been improved by adding welds to hold a steel disc to the top of the wrench. 

This is in addition to the spot welds which will greatly increase its strength. A collection for use on the most popular domestic and import vehicles. This set will also include the Toyota end cap 65mm – 14 flutes, which has been improved by adding heat-treated steel to the drive area and adding two solid welds to the surface to increase strength. All End Cap Filter Wrenches are 3/8" drive.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
61600 65mm - 14 Flute
61540 65/67mm - 14 flutes
61640 68mm - 14 flutes
61560 74/76mm - 15 flutes
61570 76mm - 14 flutes
61650 76mm - 30 flutes
61550 80mm - 15 flutes
61660 86mm - 16 flutes
61580 93mm - 15 flutes
61590 93mm - 36 flutes




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