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19860 Tire Deflator Set

SKU: 19860
UPC: 083045198604
HS Code: 8205900000
Shipping Weight: 0.31 lbs
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Quickly evacuates air from tires without removing valve core.

Simply replace a standard sized valve cap with this handy tool and the special design will depress the pin in the valve core. Large openings on the sides of the tool allow air to escape quickly from the tire. Tools are marked so tires can be returned to their original position on the vehicle so TPMS will not need to be reset. Also saves time since the valve core has not been removed from the sensor.

Part # Description
19820 LF Tire Deflator
19890 RF Tire Deflator
19900 LR Tire Deflator
19910 RR Tire Deflator


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