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51450 Harmonic Damper Pulley Puller

SKU: 51450
MSRP: $131.95
UPC: 083045514503
HS Code: 8205599080
Shipping Weight: 2.60 lbs
Average 5 stars out of 5 rating

For Chrysler, GM, GM LS, Mitsubishi and Dodge. Updated, Supersedes 49500.  

Low profile design works in confined spaces eliminating the need to remove the radiator. Equipped with magnetic jaw spacers for 5.9 liter Dodge. New jaw geometry, slimmer magnetic spacers and a fourth rod allow use on 4.2L Trailblazer, Envoy and Bravada '03 and newer, 4.2L Buick Rainier '04 and newer, 3.5L Colorado and Canyon '04 and newer, Hummer H3 '06 and newer, 2.8L Colorado and Canyon '05 and newer, and GM LS engines. Jaws are now held in place with a clevis pin and can be removed and replaced easily.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
49520 Clevis Pin
49540 Frame Body
51640 Jaw
51670 Magnetic & Housing Assembly
49590 Driver Screw
49560 4" Rod
49550 5 3/8" Rod
51680 6 1/2" Rod
49630 7 3/8" Rod




5 stars out of 5 rating
 Larry Hendrickson
Well made tool. Balancer was so stuck on my 1999 Mits Eclipse that the tool would not budge it. Repair garage broke their spec tool. I sprayed a whole can of CRC Freeze Off down the center hole. Re-mounted the tool, and the pully came off like a dream.

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