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SKU: 80380
UPC: 083045803805
HS Code: 8205599080
Shipping Weight: 1.63 lbs
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Set of Five Hose Removers with Many Uses. 

Contains long and short, standard and offset hooks. Can be used to remove hoses, moldings, clips, clamps, seals, o-rings, cotter pins, gaskets, etc. Long pullers are 13" long. Handles are dual durometer material for comfort and grip. Rods are heat-treated for strength and plated for durability. All hose removers are available individually skin-packed. Supersedes 80200.

Part Number Description
80210 Short Hose Remover
80220 Long Hose Remover
80230 Short Offset Remover
80240 Long Offset Remover
80290 Double Offset Short Remover



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